An urgent appeal from Walter Mikac

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can place a cuddly teddy and a book in the arms of a child forced to flee their home
can give a Buddy Bag to a child entering emergency foster care, full of love, comfort and essential items
can help train a kinder teacher to support a child in their class going through intense trauma
can provide one intensive therapy session for a child who has experienced severe trauma, helping them recover, heal and grow

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After losing my daughters Alannah and Madeline to devastating gun violence at Port Arthur in 1996, I said I would do everything in my power to ensure no one else had to be in the same situation.  

But we still have so much work to do. 

Right now, I need you to stand beside me to fight the terrible hidden epidemic of children experiencing serious trauma in our community. Children just like Sandy* who urgently need your help. 

In the next hour – and every hour until Christmas – at least one child in Australia will be taken into emergency foster care. This is due to them being at serious risk of harm or having no safe place to live. Other children have recently experienced assault, witnessed violence, fled from war overseas, lost everything in the floods, or been severely bullied online.  

Our team is reporting a significant increase in requests for help. And I know so many of these children would thrive with the specialised care the Alannah & Madeline Foundation can provide, to help them work through their trauma and heal. 

It’s only with your donation that we can give children the help they need to recover and feel safe again.

From the immediate comfort of a Buddy Bag to a sanctuary in the family court system and intense therapeutic support, our Care services can assist a child through the different stages of trauma recovery.  

After having a very tough time, feeling fear, grief and shock, you can help a child feel safe at Christmas and every other day. 

Please make your generous donation now – I can’t think of a more beautiful gift to give a child for Christmas… 

At four-years-old, Sandy shouldn't be hiding in fear

Your gift now, will help a child like Sandy*.  

Sandy was a happy, carefree four-year-old until one terrible day when she witnessed her grandfather’s brutal murder by a neighbour. 

During the deadly assault, Sandy ran and hid in her grandfather’s bedroom, petrified. She was there on her own for over an hour until police arrived at the scene.

From that time on, Sandy seemed to lose all hope and withdrew from everyone she knew. She became severely anxious, and often violent, with angry outbursts against her parents and playmates.  

Tragically, after the terrible betrayal by a neighbour Sandy knew and trusted, she found it impossible to trust anyone at all, including her kinder teachers. 

At home, she would often hide in a dark cupboard in her bedroom – the only place she felt safe. 

Twelve months on from the murder, Sandy’s distress was worse than ever. Every day was filled with fear, grief, helplessness and shock. 

Tragically, without the kind of specialised care the Alannah & Madeline Foundation can provide with your gift today, many children like Sandy will never feel safe again... even in adulthood.  

This is why your support is urgently needed this Christmas. 

When a child is experiencing daily fear, dread and all the pain that comes along with trauma, you can help them feel safe again.  

Because the good news is that even when the worst imaginable thing happens, a child can still go on and have happiness, safety and fulfillment in their life.  

You can make it possible for children and young people to start a life-changing healing journey with your donation today. 

Please give a child who has experienced trauma a chance to feel safe at Christmas and every other day.  

Donate to help a child like Sandy get the support to recover – and thrive. 

* Name of the child has been changed to protect their privacy.