Walter Mikac reflects on 25 years of the Alannah & Madeline Foundation

30 Apr 2022

"I look back with pride on what the Foundation has achieved over the past 25 years." – Walter Mikac AM, Founding Patron.

"From that embryo of an idea first discussed with Gaye and John Fidler in my parents’ lounge room – to start a Foundation that works to ensure that all children and young people can live a happy and safe life, free from violence and trauma – so much has been achieved.

Almost three million children and young people have been helped.

"So many people have supported the Foundation. We’ve always been surrounded by incredible public sentiment.

"From former Prime Minister, John Howard OM AC, who served as the Foundation’s first National Patron, to today – every Prime Minister has filled this role.

"Media personalities, politicians, Foundation board members, staff, friends, and most importantly, those who have been impacted by our work, we’ve been blessed to have their backing and encouragement.

"Our work and programs have pivoted over the years, but the Foundation’s ethos has stayed the same – the safety of children and young people is at the heart of what we do.

Twenty-five years strong

"I wanted to ensure my daughters’ names would never be forgotten. I know now that their names are read and spoken around the country and even around the world.

"I’m very proud and very grateful to have this dream evolve."

Today and the future

"Today, the Foundation's mission continues through care, prevention and advocacy – from supporting children experiencing family violence to online bullying and fighting for the rights of young people everywhere.

"After 25 years, the fight continues. The challenges facing children and young people may have changed, but our mission has not. We fight for their right to be safe, so their future is strong.