Starry starry nights to help vulnerable children

28 Apr 2022

“I speak for all parents in saying that our job is to love, protect, and make this a better world for our children now and in the future. The Alannah & Madeline Foundation has been responsible for doing just that.” – Foundation Ambassador, Melissa Doyle AM.


Mix glitz with glamour, add a splash of celebrity and a generous helping of passion for a great cause and you have a charity gala ball.

In 1997, the Alannah & Madeline Foundation held its inaugural ball, Starry Starry Night.

The fundraising spectacular was so successful it celebrated its 20th year in 2017 and became a major part of Melbourne’s gala ball calendar.

The ball attracted more than 1000 guests each year, with hundreds of celebrities and entertainment stars.

The stars and the sensational fashion brought a spotlight to the joyful occasion, but the focus was always squarely on keeping children and young people safe from violence and trauma.

Every year until the last event in 2019, Starry Starry Night attendees celebrated that important work, while raising funds to keep children safe from violence. 

The gala raised millions of dollars over the years from all those who gave up their time to contribute to the ball.

Melissa Doyle, who hosted the event four times, said it was a privilege to celebrate Starry Starry Night and “know that our support will help the future of this country by protecting Australian children from violence and bullying.”

The pandemic meant that events such as Starry Starry Night couldn’t be held anymore. Times have changed. But people can still support the Foundation's works by making a donation, volunteering in our Buddy Bag packing room or through participation in community events such as Do It For Dolly Day.

25 years: We support children to recover and heal from trauma.