25 years of impact and beyond

30 Apr 2022

"Twenty-five years ago, Walter Mikac AM established a foundation on the belief that “all children should have a safe and happy childhood without being subjected to any form of violence.” – Sarah Davies AM, CEO, the Alannah & Madeline Foundation.

"In 2022, we mark the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Alannah & Madeline Foundation by Walter Mikac AM and a small group of volunteers. 

"What is remarkable is that he did this in honour of his daughters, Alannah and Madeline, who were killed alongside their mother in an unspeakable act of violence one year earlier. 

"From tragedy, vision. From tragedy, hope. From tragedy, strength. 

"We, in turn, honour Walter Mikac and the impact the Alannah & Madeline Foundation has made over the past 25 years. The form of violence and its effects may have changed, but our founding belief has not. 

"We uphold the rights of children and young people to be safe." 

"The right to be safe at home. At play. At school. The right to be seen and heard and valued.

"The right to go online without abuse. The right to go to sleep without fear. The right to heal. The right to grow. And sometimes, the right to the unconditional love of a teddy bear when needed most. 

"Now with Dolly's Dream as well, the right to be safe from bullying at school, online and beyond. 

"We fight for these rights not just because children are precious – they are – and not just because our instinct is to protect them from the world – it is – but because only when young people are safe can they also be happy, hopeful and strong. 

"Only when they’re safe is their best future possible. That’s why we’re here, and why we do what we do."  

"We are proud to work with children and young people to empower them, along with their families, teachers and communities, to live free from violence and trauma.

"We continue to do this through our care, prevention and advocacy programs. We do it for Alannah and Madeline, for 25 years – and for tomorrow. 

"Together, we are working towards a future where all children and young people are safe and inspired with the freedom to flourish. It's their right to be safe. And it's our reason for being."

25 years: For their right to be safe.